Wandering But Not Lost

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Mass Evangelism - Is it Still Relevant

Franklin Graham is coming to Baltimore in July 2006. The Festival folks are in full gear mobilizing the pastors and forming teams to carry out the work and building the vision for the Festival. Tens of thousands across the city will have the opportunity to have a role in the Festival by singing in the choir, or serving as a counselor, or inviting friends and neighbors to participate. One of my friends asked a great question in the parking lot after the presentation: in a postmodern culture, is the Festival, mass evangelism, model still relevant? How do the non-churched, those not in the Christian subculture, view the Festivals? Are they something to be mocked and shun, like tele-evangelists? Are they perceived as "authentic" expressions of faith? Does anyone even care? Does the mainline church even care, or is it a case of "been there done that"?

No answers today...just questions.



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