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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Evangecube, Christian Subculture and Cynicism

Somtimes, I don't know what to make of the Christian subculture...or its attempts to "reach the lost". During my travels today, I came across a newspaper article that describe the "Evangecube". It is a rubic-style cube that portrays the life and death of Jesus. There is even a ministry and website: www.evangecube.org.

I'm spending the weekend at a Christian camp because the organization my wife works with rents the facility for its last week of camp for college students. In my room is a television and a Dish network receiver. I was all excited at first, thinking I could watch the NCAA lacrosse finals, or catch the Red Sox stomping the Yankees, but noooooo....they only have a dozen Christian channels to choose from. Yecchhhh. I did enjoy watching David and Goliath this morning but it was downhill from there.

Maybe it is being surrounded by the subculture, or seeing things like the evangecube described in a town newspaper that gives me an icky feeling. Maybe I should be less cynical and praise the God who spoke through the jawbone of an ass and is evidently speaking through a rubic's cube. Maybe I should see the good, but all I feel is a sense of shame in having a familial relationship with such things.

I wish we could get more people like Jim Wallis seen in public, or Jim Skillen....people who think well, write well, are bright and articulate. People that speak their own minds and don't follow the Christian stereotype. Please stop by Sojourners if you don't regularly...there is a great article about Bush's speech to the Calvin graduating class. I am thankful that there are those in the body of Christ that do think...that do engage the culture with intelligently, and who break the mold.

Have a great memorial day weekend! I for one am trying to make some progress with Brian McLaren's Generous Orthodoxy and for fun, re-reading The Search to Belong, Rethinking Intimacy, Community, and Small Groups by Joseph Myers. McLaren is one of my favorite authors and the Myers book has touched me in significant ways in the past year. Re-reading it is like catching up with an old friend.



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